Taste the Hand-Smoked Difference

Taste the Hand-Smoked Difference

We sell savory smoked meats the Jasper, Curtis, TX area

Sample one of our eight types of smoked sausage. Jasper Quality Meats Inc. offers a variety of smoked meats to our customers in the Jasper, Curtis, TX area.

We provide these hand-smoked, cured and stuffed meats:

  • Smoked bacon
  • Smoked ham
  • Smoked ham hocks
  • Smoked pork bones
  • Smoked beef jerky
  • Smoked summer sausage
  • Smoked beef sticks

Motor up to our drive-thru window to purchase tasty smoked meats today.

All our smoking is done on site

Jasper Quality Meats Inc. hand smokes meats on our property right here in Jasper, Texas. We built our own smokehouse to ensure it was laid out correctly. The old-fashioned smokehouse uses a wood fire to smoke all the meat. We hang our sausage on poles high above the fire to ensure they get smoked to perfection.

Come by our shop to purchase delicious smoked sausage and ham.