Get Your Deer Processed Correctly

Get Your Deer Processed Correctly

Drop off your white-tail for professional deer processing in the Jasper, TX area

Don’t rely on just anyone to process your deer. Jasper Quality Meats Inc. offers several seasonal services to people in the Jasper, TX area. If you’re looking for an experienced butcher to take care of your deer meat processing, you’ve found him.

You’ll want to field dress, quarter and place your deer in an ice chest for us to process it. We’ll cut, grind and freezer wrap it for you if you just want the basic processing.

If you’d like us to make your deer meat into sausage, we can make:


  • Smoked sausage
  • Pan sausage
  • Summer sausage
  • Jerky




Just bring your deer in to get delicious sausage.



Looking for tasty crawfish?

From mid-February through Memorial Day, we sell crawfish in 30- to 40-pound sacks. If you'd like to host a crawfish boil, we can cater the event for you.

You can also drop by our shop on Saturdays to take home crooked crawfish. The prices vary, but hover around $6 per pound.

Call our shop ahead of time if you want to purchase boiled shrimp. We don't keep them on hand.

Call us today at 409-384-9924 to schedule catering for your special event.